"Cultivating Ears to Hear Beauty’s Call"

I participated in a colloquium on natural theology over at The University of St. Andrews' excellent blog Transpositions. 

Attending St. Andrews, I found myself one of the few defenders of natural theology, surrounded by a chorus of (very polite) Barthian “Neins!” It was, of course, with great amusement when I discovered that the one chink in Barth’s dialectical armor was his soft spot for Mozart. InChurch Dogmatics, Barth rhapsodizes, “[Mozart] heard, and causes those who have ears to hear, even to-day, what we shall not see until the end of time – the whole context of providence.” Bold words, to be sure, from a theologian whose entire theological project revolves around the ongoing necessity of God’s miraculous action to make Himself known. [Read more]